The Point

The Point

Everyone wants to be happy, and every person’s search for happiness is expressed in a very unique way.

Some find their happiness in the simplest of pleasures, and others work hard to find happiness through more complex forms of success and self expression. And for some, that point of happiness constantly eludes them. No matter what they try, they can’t seem to find that balance they seek with the world around them. But they search, and search, and search, the whole time looking to make a special contact with an unknown “something,” for something higher than everything this world seems to offer.

The Point is all about this search. Through personal stories, The Point aims to find that point in every person who seeks happiness beyond the limits of this world, beyond everything people have come to know until today.

The Point is the story of a person’s innermost search for happiness, and how this search ultimately leads one to start penetrating life’s higher levels.

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