20 Ideas

20 Ideas

20 Ideas features Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with guests from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions on problems they experience in their area of expertise, and in their lives.

Did you ever think that there could be just one cause to all problems in yours and everybody’s lives? By seeing examples of Kabbalah’s ability to unfold any problem, and view the problem inclusively at personal, social and global scales, you get to see how Kabbalah diagnoses any problem’s cause at a single source: the constantly growing ego residing in every person’s nature.

This kind of analysis takes place time and again in 20 Ideas on the premise that by correctly diagnosing the cause of your problems, you already have half the cure in your hand.

20 Ideas invites you to increase your self-awareness, and your awareness of others and nature, from a vantage point where they all interconnect. Each conversation acts as an example of how, with a deep understanding of nature’s structure and functioning, you can approach all kinds of circumstances in day-to-day life with harmony and balance. By increasing your awareness of how nature operates on you at every moment, you’re already making positive changes for yourself and for others.

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