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Are Soul Mates For Real?

Unmarried people are often preoccupied with the idea of finding that special someone who will satisfy them all the time. This is impossible, and unrealistic expectations of this sort lead to conflicts and divorces. People, especially women, don’t know how to find a good match today. While desiring happiness they don’t know how to attain it, confusing reality with fairytales. Inside every person is a sea of egoistic hatreds and misunderstandings that must be contended with before happiness can be secured. The first order of business is to nullify this internal chaos by rising above one’s ego. The second order of business is to seek connection on this higher ground transcending both fantasies and concessions.



I truly met my Twin Flame, or Twin Female Soul in 1993. The reason that we know that we are Twin Souls is because Jesus Iesus confirmed it in person when He said, 'This is your Twin Flame'! We have had many other strong indicators over a period of ten years that leaves no doubt in our minds!

In the Beinning we were One Spark of Light Created by YAHWEH Jehoovah! That One Spark of Light was both Male and Female or Shekinah. When we were sent out into the newly created universe we split with One Male Spark sent in one direction and the other Female Spark was sent in another direction. We had met only twice in in our existence before our meeting in 1993 here on Earth!

We were told that the mathematical odds of our meeting as compared to all of the initial Creation of Sparks or Souls was almost impossible to calculate and that only the Father YAHWEH Jehoovah would have known! And since that time my life has changed in a very Spirital Fulfilling Way! Ha Le Lu Jah!! Amin, Amin, Amin, and Amin!! Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth!!

i want the book zohar in iran

sound like she`s found her inner male and she`s asking you rav for your blessing and connection to her point in the heart

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