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The Best Time To Have Children

You’re never ready enough to have children and you can always finds excuses. If one looks at the question of when to have children in terms of financial readiness then one is looking at the issue from the position of compensations rather than love. If you have something to give from your heart, it’s enough. Other potential parents are so consumed with personal pursuits that they choose not to have children because they don’t want to share their lives. But people must rise above the ego that’s destroying families otherwise powerful blows will come. Nature is an absolute and is never wrong. Whenever children come in a natural way is when they should be born. Nature’s aim is to optimize humanity and she is always stronger and smarter.


I was undecided for so long to have another child this vedio made it all clear why. Thanks

This is true but life challenges comes in all corner so why should a new life be a problem? Well I agree with this vedio children come when they come don't knock it off!!

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