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Can the advertising industry benefit humanity?

There’s ample evidence for the calculated approach of the advertising industry, government and political agencies toward the control of information. Disregard for life, cover-ups or lack of real solutions for widespread problems are considered the trademarks of this industry. In analyzing, on the one hand, the polarizing effects of human nature’s intensified egoism through exploitation and personal gains and, on the other, the power and scope of the new media, Dr. Laitman reflects upon the real possibility of using advertising to deal with life’s challenges in a positive way.



living in new orleans i have seen first hand how the government failed the peoples during katrina. after the bp oil spill once again the greed caused the lack of precauctions of safety first. man animals plants and our planet are endangered from this great greed. our nature does need to change and change fast. thank you rav laitman for helping us to find our way. i hope my point in heart grows and helps humanity.

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