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Next In Human Evolution

The general force of nature is caring and the singular source of evil within it comes from humankind, which is the only life form that derives pleasure from suffering. But a new gene of human evolution has come into play making us aware we’re causing great misery by upsetting the balance of nature. Humanity is on the verge of an unprecedented revolution in which it transcends its egoism by becoming similar to the rest of nature. Our choice is to either achieve balance or face destruction. Kabbalah explains humankind’s evolution, why it unfolds the way it does, and shows us how to achieve homeostasis with nature. Human evolution is birthing a new motive force that changes our perception of who and what we are as it fosters creation of a new world order, faithful to nature's plan.


I want to watch the 20 ideas series. After watching one i can't find an easy way to play the next,
It would be good to have a play next button on the full screen version.

I don't like the terminology of New World Order. It brings to mind a group of men dictating to the world what is right and what is wrong. Everyone being equal was a Marxist idea, and it doesn't work. Human nature is basically egotistical. Eventually the best plan such a Communism based on the equal distribution of wealth didn't work because the levels of economics were government driven not consumer driven. Poverty and misery can only be destroyed if consumer driven ideas thrive.

I will always fight a world governement, or monetary stystem, or religion. The autocratic driven world never worked in the past and will not happen now. Only suffering will change the masses. I for one resent being considered one of the masses.

You ideas of "balance" is really not clearly defined. I don't really understand what you talking about. How do people voluntarily rise above human nature. They don't know how and most would have to be forced to if they knew how. Other trails (such as WWII and the Spanish Influenza) did bring people to their knees and look now, todays world is worse than it was during that time in history. I definitely can feel the sense of frustration that is being discussed. I cannot imagine what could change humanity.

So maybe one day we will wake up and be that new species that works totally altruistically and we will finally have found Paradise. I hope I live long enough to see that!

rav 250,000 years ago they noticed in the fossilsised bones of man that his smaller brain suddenly inlarged
but they couldnt understand why this happend !
i feel it was Father getting the brain ready for the the ego ?
now you talk and i also feel a upgrade is coming again via are dna, now the egotists dont want this to happen as they like the general popolation being thier slaves.
i starting to realise that this hiv that they say attacks the dna and changes it could be this upgrade thats been sent by Father ?

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