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Reality Is A Photograph Of You

The world reflects your attitude toward it. Your reality is a photograph composed of your internal qualities and emotions so to change your world all you need do is change your composition. But to do so responsibly requires you first understand there are only two things in the world: desire and Light. The Light is absolute and serves as the background upon which you project your desire and form your reality. Your desire is malleable and it is that which you can change to create a more perfect existence. The closer you can bring your desire to the qualities and attributes of the Light, the more sublime your reality becomes.


Hello Friends
Thank you, so much for your commitment and willingness to bring the truth of the KABBALAH these facts are very helpful to me. It only helps me to keep moving towards the light..


Central North Carolina

This video is amazing, but I wish to understand how we can bring about a perception of the world that's good without having to force it, or use subliminal messaging and what not. Is shifting our Desire to becoming like the creator going to bring about this change of perception?

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