Ask The Kabbalist

Ask the Kabbalist - Episode 3

Some of the questions asked in this episode


"Can someone who studies Buddhist, someone who follows a Sufi way of living, can someone who is a Christian, can he follow the path of Kabbalah, and find elevation to the Upper World? "


"Is Satan a real actual entity, or is Satan just a manifestation of a portion of our ego?"


"How do we overcome our obstacles and insecurities in this world with the financial crisis we have going on and how do we know it's the right thing?"




The Three of Knowledge of Good and Evil, a very controversial issue known for ceturies.

Please do explain the meaning and role of the two characters existing in the three of knowledge of good and evil in mans' existence?

Please do find my share in explaining the subject:
The book of Genesis chapters 1, 2 and 3 where they are full of controversies and contradictions which I am prepared and ready to correct offering a chronological set of data and time sequences bringing it to the revelation of the truth which the whole juridical system is based upon all over the world and all religious institutions there are using the same Holy Scriptures as the base of their faith and teachings based on the lie.
Marek Zielinski from London UK

I hate my life but at least this makes it baerbale.

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