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Sherry I am writing to you because I also have an autistic child, he passed away Dec. 2011 from other health issues, which the autistic seem to get "gifted" with as well. I will not speak for Rav, but I will tell you what I think one mother to another. I feel that our children are somewhat blessed in their disabilities, because don't they really connect so much more with the other side than we do? Aren't they already there? My son used to explain his "reality" to me and how things should be. He had the most innocent soul, all was good with him. It used to drive me nuts, because I felt he needed to "deal" with "this" world get out of this imagination that he had. But now that he is gone, I live everyday thinking "what would Max do?" and if I do what Max would have done, things are good. Basically, love everyone, don't hold a grudge, and the future is bright.

I am a Messianic Jew...Mark 4:11,12 Matt 4:11,12 1Cor.4:1
It seems to me Yeshua is clearly a Kabbalist. You know the code of the PaRDeS????

Dear Dr. Laitman:

Some connections you can’t correct. Take my daughter. Never going to correct that one. She doesn’t even think of me as her dad. They kept me from having any contact while they were growing up because I was a Christian Extremist, reading the Old Testament straight to them (at age 5 and 3 I think was last I saw them), and trying to do what the Bible commanded to teach your children and so on, and so I became this crazed dangerous person who was a threat in their viewpoint [they used anything they could conceive of to demonize me I mean; that was just one of the things], and so now when she’s over 18 I can’t even talk to her (when they got the opportunity to look for me, or so it seems—another one is cool and we do correspond). She’s a Jesus freak now (the one who denies me). Because her mom kept brainwashing her with that charismatic/speaking-in-tongues deal (they’re both Christian but the cool one is not so fanatical), and people I guess get moved by it and think it’s some real spirituality. But they couldn’t stand the straight reading out of the Old Testament, know what I mean? So now that I learned my lesson and know that Christianity stuff to be bogus [because I got stabbed in the back by so called Christians and using the excuse that I was reading ‘too much’ scripture—not the correct amount], and I agree now I should have been kept from my children—and Christianity should be banned, basically because it’s really Black Magicky Hocus Pocus stuff—to me anyway. But now she’s like not even wanting to be on my mailing list (which is only 4 people now, two brothers, the cool daughter and my best friend—because I won’t consider the Jesus stuff or pay some sort of tribute to it. And so now there’s no communication whatsoever and that one is not getting fixed. So I guess that means I’ll for sure be reincarnated, is that it? But because of that I gained another friend who is Atheist, and I respect greatly, but you can’t serve two masters. I am with her on the atheism part as far as any ‘christian-like’ god. Not speaking about the REAL Creator the kabbalists speak of, obviously. That one I am all in agreement with, and I want to learn more Kabbalah. To be totally honest I also had a drug/alcohol problem, I suppose—but who didn’t back then? (and I was early 20’s) However, I was still trying to follow the Bible in my limited understanding. And from what I understood is I could interpret the stuff myself and I didn’t have to go by what the preacher was saying. So I had my own sort of ‘doctrines’ that I would focus on more, so to speak. Like ‘no divorce allowed’ but then she divorced anyway? So what good was knowing all these rules if you didn’t have to keep them and still get saved, is what I was basically saying. I didn’t understand the power of Jesus to forgive ANY sin, I suppose. How do you fix something like that. I’m supposed to buy the Jesus stuff now, when they wouldn’t buy it at the time when I was the one preaching it?


I/ve just listened to the first episode, I believe, concerning Ask the Kabbalist.

The 25 minute clip ended by stating that as kabbalist one is called to enter into the same state of reality the Moses, David, Solomon, Etc were in as Kabbalist in their time in history. How is this to be done, accompished? Is it through the reading of the Toray, Meditation on the texts, enterring through reflection into the past time, making it present. Example: reading the Psalm The Lord is my Shephgerd. As I read the Psalm, or reflect silently upon the inspired Words, I find myself under the Divine protection and guidance of the Divine Shepherd. And, the words then become mine to receive and then to give to others.

Is this correct thinking? Or is there another way of achieving this "enterring into their reality?"


sister Helen e.

When are more episodes going to be posted to this site?


Dear Rav and ATK Crew -

Is there any advice from Kabbalists for how to ask better questions? What is at the spiritual root of the ability and opportunity to ask questions?

great teacher, host and translator...Thank you for a nice episode.

I would like to understand the importance of this existence. yes, there is a growth process in which my soul idealy will follow. but is there any meaning to my job, family life and general being because this is not the real world?

people are worried that marrage and couples is happening less , i was too until i realised they are going by old laws and the hidden father is helping them to find thier inner sevles, people are used to looking on the outside but when they realise thier house is complete and turn inwards for fathers blessing

so rav what you are saying is that we are one with Father in heaven listening to Him telling us this storey of a world of seperation and without Father
and because we have such a good imagination, are minds goes into this story and lives it until Father finishes His story ?

Orion in the middle of the 12 birth signs above draconis
"Father xmas on his sledge comes across the sky
delivering that point in the heart with all the other desires
awaiting for that special present to be found"

in the lower world you can see the hidden father bringing the broken peices together
europe/russia/china/usa ect
isnt the kli the glue spread around the lower world ?

I really like this program.

Hi Rav!

I was just wondering about the state of souls that are inflicted with Autism. How will they be able to make corrections in life? I've heard that they can't make corrections, and that it's up to their parents to make corrections for them. (And the parents become more corrected when they do this.)

But is this true?! Will these precious souls never be able to reason, or be able to have a special relationship with the Creator, like other thinking minds are able to? My daughter is 3 years old, and has Classical Autism. I worry about her spiritual state, and whether or not she will be able to perform corrections when she gets older, as she should... or if she will be considered an "innocent", and absolved from such duties?

Thank you so much for everything that you do for us students, Rav!

We love you!

Sherry Apfel (2nd year student)

My question is for a student that is in the Intermediate Kabbalah class who live's in Asia. She wants to know are there anyone in Asia studing BB Kabbalah. If you email me my email is
Thank You

Dear Rav,

I live in the US and I m one of your students, I have noticed that in the last couple of years my fear has significantly increased due to current crisis. Before this "crisis" I was not as worried and would smile and enjoy alot more.

My family is suffering loosing their houses, relationships, money etc.... and receiving blow after blow. The other side of my family has had several blows too, not only economically but health too, with 2 family deaths. It is very difficult to watch those you love suffer.

I am currently employed and find myself in a good health (thank God) but the stress of family, maintaining this job and doing my best to not get divorced, its all very exhausting; I find myself making stupid mistakes being late and self sabotaging and this further creates fear. I feel very tired, pessimistic and worried, you can tell in my face I have visibly aged in the last few years and I don't smile like I use to.

My questions are:

1. what can we do to perceive these situations differently, with my family and job the country and my marriage? how do I rise above that fear
2. What can we do so that the blows stop for my family
3. I m afraid to get blows my self what can I do to not invite them, how do I stop self sabotaging? Its all too much stress
4.How do I stop feeling depressed, negative, fearful, worried and unhappy

I appreciate your time and look forward to an answer

Thank you for all you do,


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