The Environment Unplugged

The Environment Unplugged

Songwriter Seth Breitman is one of the millions of people in the world today who have woken up to the need for a completely different life. While the majority of people continue passing through the motions of chasing one transient pleasure after the next - working, raising a family, succeeding in something - there is a growing environment of people who are motivated by deeper questions about life, and who refuse to leave these questions unanswered.

Seth is one of these people. His songs reflect the ups and downs, inspirations and disappointments, of a person who has grown up to question the foundations of an individual, society, the world and life itself, and who discovered a wonderful environment that supports the research, testing and experimentation of those very kinds of questions.

The Environment is an opening into the depth of Seth’s songs. The series features Seth and fellow musician friends speaking about what inspired each song, and then performing them together.

Titles with "Music Video" at the end are the songs themselves, and titles with "Interview" at the end are behind the scenes talks with Seth and his friends about the songs.

Most Popular Episodes

Most Recent Episodes

  • The Environment UnpluggedSomething Better
  • The Environment UnpluggedFinish The Job
  • The Environment UnpluggedBuild A House
  • The Environment UnpluggedThe Greatest
  • The Environment UnpluggedI Want Change
  • The Environment UnpluggedAttack
  • The Environment UnpluggedBreak Free
  • The Environment UnpluggedFinish The Job - Music Video
  • The Environment UnpluggedBuild A House - Music Video
  • The Environment UnpluggedThe Greatest - Music Video
  • The Environment UnpluggedI Want Change - Music Video
  • The Environment UnpluggedBreak Free - Music Video
  • The Environment UnpluggedAttack - Music Video


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