Globalization Explained with Dr. Michael Laitman

Uncover the origin of the unfolding problems & the solution


Pls. listen to this.

An AWESOME video

Excellent! Simple, profound, & right under our noses! If only people could come to terms with their own egos, i.e., the need to BE RIGHT, & CHOOSE service while trusting The Creator to open doors so that we may ALL experience & share our individual geniuses, utilizing the proven methods of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah.... -Why then, I believe we'd be on the right track! This was a first class, top shelf production! Thank You!

the valuable advises u provided do help the research for our group, thanks.

- Lucas

Very good article, well written and very thought out. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Awesome.....Thank you

All my conscious life I have been active doing meditation, exercising loving kindness, Taichi being a good father of my 6 kids and a loving husband and a good professor searching for solutions to improve the world
i am not optimistic Look at this
I live in Colombia with my Colombian wife What a terrible country How kind and terribly polite are these people and they murder you for $ 100
They do not read books they ae not interested what happens outside Colombia They have a FARCand the Cocainemaffia and enormous criminalty Family life is holy Women are treated as an inferior kind of people

So what can I do they donot even understand that there is such a thing as an outside world

This is a great video, it highlighted what I learned a long time ago that we are one family and need to learn how to live with each other in love and harmony. When we finally learn to control our ego and live in service to each other, then we shall experience true happiness.

It is my pleasure, to say that is message is very wonderful and inspiring.
It will be a thing of joy, to see mankind in this state, of unification irrespective of color, religion and so on.

There are woundrous uncharted territories that are about. We will be up to the challenge as we go from a singular and separate state of being to a Oneness/Together society.

Thank you for posting this video and explaining things that really are in the nature of every being of Earth, but is suppressed by the greed and consumerism of modern age. Sad as it is, sometimes even the obvious has to be explained.

Eat and drink measurely, and defie the mediciners.

This video like all other videos I have watched so far talks a lot about what kaballah can do ,but never tells us how.

seemed to be finished just as it was starting. MORE?

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