The Inner Stream

The Inner Stream

The Inner Stream is all about the basics of Kabbalah and how it relates to you and the world around you. The flow from one daily Kabbalah lesson to the next is the real news of the day and we explore it with talk, music, video clips and live guests. It's a live social network featuring you and your questions. Call in, write in, drop in and join us as we prepare for the live daily Kabbalah lesson from Israel.

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It took me a long time to search on the web, only your site explain the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

- Kris

What time/days are the live broadcast of the innerstream and genneration z. Can`t seem to find it again. help!!!!!!!

I have many learnings from my former life that i must discard. I am glad I have Kabbalah and Torah to show me the way.

Rav spoke in the class about ARI that whatever we do bad to others it comes back to does this apply to corporeal world ? we are being told that it does not matter what we do here ..

For tony july 7 show

Rabash speaks about "annulling oneself before the others", and "being equal". This seems to be a contradiction. Could you please explain?
Thank you

You can get what you need by signing up for the free online courses at the learning center - click on the blue banner to the right

Kabbalah is the source of Judaism, but does not require a person to be Jewish in the physical sense. It is concerned with a desire called ISRAEL which means directly to the Creator - you can find a teacher by registering at the learning center - just click on the blue banner on the right. - we dont have monasterys because we don't separate from the world. The connection between people is where the Creator appears.

You can watch the show in re-run on the live show page during the day between live broadcasts

thanks for your good thoughts


I have just found you from the Advanced class. Unfortunately it conflicts with the lessons going on right now.
May many receive light and growth through this method.
Ohr Chadash b'shalom l'habariem,

I wish to have a teacher. I want to be guided into the spirituality of the Prophet Elijah/Eliyahu/Elias in the Jewish manner. I am a Roman Catholic and an ex-Carmelite nun. Do you have a monastery for women?

If enough material is available to bridge the common to the infinite, attainment can be assisted

Teach me to receive

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