The Inner Stream

Business Meets True Sustainability

As humanity develops, there’s a more direct social responsibility and involvement by the business community regarding challenges facing society. Traditionally, business leaders copied and followed each other’s behaviors typically checking their concerns at the door. They realize now that due to increasing global interdependence and fast changing social-economic dynamics, they cannot afford going it alone any more. Like with nature’s work, business and industry are coming to understand the intangible interconnectedness of the system all people are part of, whereby unintended global consequences by environmental and economic impact of processes and operations generate ever greater scrutiny from citizens and governments. Today a mainstream concept, sustainability still means different things to many. Can this inner awareness propel business leaders, decision-makers, towards a serious transformation? Will business match the natural system-sustaining connection called “trust” we are still not able to feel? 



Talking about open sky mining in Latin America, do you know how much it's contaminating water and affecting whole native communities all over?
Corrupted governments getting a minimum amount in retribution for all the profit they make out of it?
What is more important, gold or water?

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