The Inner Stream

Higher Dimension Uncovered

Why can't we see the higher dimensions that surround the three we can?

What are they made of and how can we begin to sense them?


if inside the brain is the 3rd eye,its looking at a screen that the 2 outer eyes are projecting onto. so if i focus my 2 outer eyes in and out until i see the so called all seying eye which is just are ego eye ? then we realise we are too inside a mind ! so to see the spiritual world we need to desire to see from out of the 2 eyes behind the ego`s eye

going into the mind we can only go up and down the ladder of the lower worlds and back to this one but to start to reach the spiritual we have to start to push in a forward motion then inwards which gives us the friction to move in that direction ?

we are like a bee`s in a bee hive ? we are all male inside around the queen fathers love on the outside world we all female ? thats why we all have nipples and science tells us the fetus for the first 6 weeks is femal...out of adam came look down and tell me which eve brought the snake to the garden ?

the zoha is the external book (mirrow) that reflex the internal book (you) and rav is the reflextion of your inner point in the heart which is Father

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