The Inner Stream

Leaks and Spills

Recent news about political leaks present something people can learn from about humanity’s inner state

that humanity is incapable of holding onto its state of confusion, and thus its “inner dirt” spills out in all kinds of ways. What is this inner dirt? Why do all these leaks take place? What is their ultimate purpose and how are people involved? Do these leaks have a connection with nature and how nature works on each and everyone? How can people use instances as political leaks in such a way as to get outside themselves and make the desires of others more important than each person’s own desires?


the spiritual path is like sex ? the fricsion you get from the push and pull and then finaly you are given the climax
but from the spiritual path the climax is much much better for the friction is towards Father and when he rewards you for your effort well you realise sex was only you in training for things to come

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