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More Than Green

Stories about ecological irresponsibility catch headlines, and the unintended consequences of doing business are presented as the old conflict between villains and victims. Yet, the business community would rightly argue that they contribute to society by employing more people and supporting other industries in today’s world of interdependence. Moreover, people are willing to accept devastated landscapes to secure their jobs. Is there a solution to this vicious circle? What can be done to restore balance in nature from neglect, catastrophe and depletion? How can people aim their efforts correctly for developing sustainable solutions?



thanks to all for the great jod you are doing!
i want to know which is the name of the newspaper please. I'm studing law and I'd like to try to do something in the ambiental law.
thank you

quite a few years ago when i was coming back to the path i was deep in thought of Father , i was thinking if you are everywhere and everything then you can speak to me throw anything !
so all i need to do is start looking for you ?
i got home and by habbit i turned on the tv and sat down , then i noticed the screen was all white , thats strange i thought and looked closer. Then this face of a man with a white beard and hair appeard and said
"DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM" i fell back in my chair and gasped oh my god !
it turned out to a tv shaw that they hadnt shawn for years about a man waking up on a mountain by a munk who took him to shangalar.
i started to giggle but felt something real

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