The Inner Stream

New Mindset, New Tools

Are we still relying upon past business decision-making practices to deal with the fast-changing incremental complexities of the global economic system? It has become clearly necessary to have a better understanding of current mechanisms operating the global economy, the interdependent dynamics and ultimate consequences for the wellbeing of people everywhere. Wouldn’t a broader view of self-interest be the right call at this time? And, more importantly, can people sharing similar desires and connection with others influence, by their own inner change, the new thinking and mindset for this new reality?    



I'm run-down, & my head's reeling! Those who have it all, & more, are NEVER satiated, while so many others (& many with NO "support systems") can barely keep their heads above water! -But the greed is endless, & toxic corporations & military run by ruthless gangsters (oops! forgot to include the politicians!) aren't welcoming change with open arms or wheelbarrows of cash (that's "needed" to buy more killing apparatus, develop heinous bio-warfare, etc.)

With so many "Dream Breakers" all piled into that one bucket seat of the Ferrari, the vast majority can't stay afloat much longer, and certainly can't move forward & unleash their gifts! -But worse, are seen as "threats", & in many cases are effectively "neutralized" in a variety of ways. Pretty scary stuff, being folded, bent, & mutilated, & having no one in your corner (or at least FEELING that way)!

BB is educating & offering solutions, but I think the question is along the lines of, "How do you go about making all the Neanderthals who're "in control" WANT to adopt more equitable, harmonious, inclusive, & compassionate solutions?"

-And I'd really like to know WHERE The Creator is in all this, when needed urgently, immediately, and meting-out justice and full accountability, as in, RIGHT NOW!

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