The Inner Stream

Who Controls What

Is it love or is it fear?

Everyday it's becoming more and more clear that we're connected to everyone and everything. Now we need to learn to live like that. How can we make this deepest longing of people become our new reality?


Hi guys,

You are doing amazing job, thank you very much.

Hope to see new videos and clips soon for our dissemination activities.

You are the future of a new Mass Media.

Love you all.

Lechaim Bnei Baruch!

Shmuel from London.

I am from Panama, the little and narrow isthmus between Central and Southamerica. I am very grateful for having found Bnei Baruch. It is amazing the abundant resources created and managed for the benefit of the students. At this moment I really feel as part of a great community full of love. My main interest now is progressing spiritually through Kabbalah and the community. Bless be all those in the organization. Thanks.

You guys are doing a wonderful and very professional job! The selection of music, themes, current events etc. is just amazing!
You guide us into making sense out of the things happpening in the world around us and how to use it in order to advance spiritually.
The section of "Ask the Kabbalist" is a rare and wonderful opportunity to get direct quotes from Rav Laitman!!!
You make us feel like a family where even silly questions can be asked because we feel loved!
Thank you so much!

From Guatemala

the bbc did a program about what the astronomers have done, they used the hubble telescope and a super computer to map all the galaxcies that can be seen and when they were in the middle of this map
it was all like galactic road ways of light....then when they pulled out and saw it from a outside veiw it was like one anormous mid of creation

when i was little i used to watch my mother and father, father would be sat in one chair watching tv and mother was sat in the other reading . Then she would ask father something but father would ignor her and carry on watching tv , mother would get angry that he did not answer her so she would start to disturb father until he had to turn to shout at her.
i thought if only father would of turned to mother when she first asked the question and said let me think about it,then turn back to the tv while his mind prossed the question.Then when the answer came into his mind he could turn to mother with the answer to her question,making mother happy that she was not being ignored and got the answer to her question


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