Kab Kafé

Kab Kafé

KAB Kafé is a warm and alluring coffee house where you’ll travel to a higher level just by entering, and it's not just the music. 

From honky-tonk blues to painfully beautiful violin solos. Of special note is an a cappella performance that’s like taking a rollercoaster ride into the heavens that leaves you murmuring its refrain. Folk lyrics reveal a new world and tinkling piano keys accent melodies. This is music that enters your ears and is heard in your soul.

Most Popular Episodes

Most Recent Episodes

  • Kab Kafé Bestowal Blues
  • Kab KaféThe Intention
  • Kab KaféAll Things Come From God
  • Kab KaféThe Music Man
  • Kab KaféThe Creator Hides
  • Kab KaféCompassion On Creation
  • Kab KaféBrand New World


Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

- Lora

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