Kab Kafé

Bestowal Blues

Jazzed-up blues instrumental evoking railway stations, honky tonk cafes and southern- style spiritual yearning

 All aboard the Bestowal Blues express! A creative fusion of classic blues and jazz rhythms sets the listening stage for an authentic southern experience of spiritual yearning. Funky foot-tapping, head-wagging, and finger-snapping instrumental wows the audience and infects the heavens. Original music by Grammy nominated jazz favorite Charlie Wood who steals the show on lead guitar.  Cool cats Rudy Semah on bass guitar and Haran Barak on rhythm guitar.  Featuring Yuval Edoot on drums and Haim Cotton on piano.



Really awesome !!! Where can I see those musicians ?

Just THE BEST, guys! Your combined energies/talents, with just that one number, -well, I don't wanna get too schmaltzy, but suffice to say, touched me, profoundly! Terrific! Thank You, All!

Is there any chance to get these videos on youtube, or somewhere else? I can watch broadcosting, but videos from archive are too slow.

Sweet !!

it has a nice beat

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