Let Go The Ego

Letting go of the ego has never been this much fun! A lighthearted and joyful romp through what is actually a very difficult undertaking.   

Jose Santos is infectious, inspiring, invigorating and irrepressible in this bright and happy celebration of advancing toward life’s wondrous, ultimate goal. How can anyone possibly get this happy? Watch Jose’s interview on The Point and find out!



Haha... cool video! If only letting go of the ego was this easy! :)

hi!amigos!! it,s fantastic your video!!!!lehaim!!! yours friends from tijuana mex. i see you juan!!

great job Jose!


Hardest thing to do...only way to live..!!!

Wow Jose,i didn't know you have a second tallent,nice video and funny too.Can't wait to see you and talk about it.

I love this video!

Excellent V ideo

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