To Breed Or Not To Breed?

Why do so many couples give priority to career, money, or entertainment, over a family or opt out of parenthood completely? Why did the natural process of giving birth and raising children become a burden for so many modern women? See Kabbalah’s perspective on these issues, and test its suggestion for a solution by explaining the spiritual aspect of motherhood.


The given clarification of the difficulties women feel to experience motherhood at young age seems logical and natural to me , however i wonder :maybe there is more to it.
Athough I agree that societys tendency to make us strangers to !our! nature is a negative development, this very same society has given us the means to be aware of some negative developpments in the world and on our planet . I am under the impression that higher educated women especialy support the growth of this awareness.
My question is:
Is it possible that the rise of the level of sense of responsibility for our environment is causing a shift now that we start to realize not the number or strength of those unborn but their environment will benefit the well being?
In other words : must we attribute this shift of priorities solely to wordly influences or might there in fact be a spiritual aspect? Like when you are automatically slowing down when you re not sure you re going in the right direction?

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