The Key To Women’s Happiness

Today, women enjoy more freedom, rights and privileges than their grandmothers ever dreamed about. However, statistics show that women today feel unhappier than ever before. Women seek fulfillment in men, career, politics, money, social status, sports, but to no avail. Find out what solutions Kabbalah can offer women, and how it explains the true nature of women, the fulfillment of their desires, and women’s influence on humankind.


Congratulations !!! The presentation looks o.k. technically ,but your conversation is not clear ,
If we want people to get interested ,we have to get out of the books and just talk in a language that
everybody can understand , like on the normal TV . First you need to really understand the issue and
afterwards you can converse about it .
I look forward with great anticipation to the new Kabbalah Channel .

is the guy from the show a translator, because it seems to me that I hear his voice in the morning Zohar lessons and it's nice to see the face of someone who is your favourite voice-translator?

I agree, drop the will alienate more than unite in this manner.

Yes, he is the guy.His name is Asaf Ochayon.

He and I from ISRAEL

thanks a lot!

If we women could only remember the point of how men would be a wonderful world.

Silvia from New York

the quality of bestowal is a remedy for all problems

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