Violent Kids and Life’s Purpose

The discussion is about today’s kids of all ages, from toddler to young adulthood, their struggle to understand their role in life, and how education can be of help.        

  More and more reports tell of violent and extreme misbehavior of children in the school setting as well as other places. This misconduct has led to the use of bouncers to control the classroom in some schools. Is there a feeling of agitation about and an early dissatisfaction in life? Where does this come from? Could it be the age old desire to know the meaning of life? Is it possible that an additional subject be added at schools that would allow children to define their role and help humanity meet life’s purpose, among the traditional subjects?



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The children know why they live. They know they live to get as much pleasure as possible. And our current teaching methods try to make their learning as fun as possible, a little too much if you ask me. The problem is that the children will not easily get to the point where they would feel any shame for this, they don't want to give back anything, never mind to use a filter of any kind... This is where the violence and the bad behaviour comes.

When I was a child I never questioned the life. It is only when I found out that there is death that I started to be suspicious... Life was normal, but death? This is what I asked as a toddler, why do we die, and then of course why do we live came after, but not immediately... So... I think we need to think a bit more about what needs to ve changed in our education system...

Perhaps there is so much violence in school/SHEOL because children do not belong there. When parents learn to send there children to academies and universities, then we may see a societal change on a global level for the greater good of All of US.

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