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It's Natural To Be Like Nature

For millions of years the war between the hot and cold forces transformed the earth’s environment. Eventually, the cold forces balanced the hot forces and formed a solid crust that could sustain life and evolution. The battle between these two forces is still present in every particle of existence. At the human level of existence, these forces are called altruism and egoism. Until now, humanity was guided by the egoistic force with no counterbalance. The result of this egoistic attitude is evident in our social, economic, and environmental crises. We need to develop a cooling altruistic force to balance the heat of egoism.


This is great!

yes i agree,the absolute force of the creator will show us the path,in human level i am not sure if we need to cool down or make it hotter,you see there is no magic,only in the dark we strive after light,at this point of time we have a chance to make it real,and if we miss this chance we are going to create the kind of the reality where we still need the old system,the pyramid is going to turn to cube and what we need is round system,the system which exists inside a man a human level,we need each and every one of us to attain the wisdom,this reality we all are in today is going to push us either to the 3d world war or to total caos and major problems...

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