What paths lead to the truth? Among the thousands of beliefs, methods and techniques humanity has developed, which ones (or one?) are right for you?

When that inner voice for something higher than your day-to-day life starts calling, how do you even begin to know where to start looking, and how deep should you be getting into each teaching and concept you come across?

Paths is for the spiritual seeker, the researcher who’s been through any number of teachings and has now stumbled across Kabbalah. When you start delving into Kabbalah’s concepts, it’s common to connect what you’ve learned in other teachings to what you’re now finding in Kabbalah.

Paths does the job of helping you explore these connections, and the questions that arise from them. In a lively and fun setup, Dr. Michael Laitman is asked all kinds of questions, sitting on the tongue of anyone who’s been searching for something bigger than this world, as well as putting all kinds of common notions of spirituality to the test.

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