Meditation - A Spiritual Method?


I like this one. Dr. Laitman seems to be saying that while meditation is good as a temporary ego suppressor, it does nothing to teach one how to work with the ego properly in order to attain the characteristic of the creator...bestowal. In essence, meditation is like a pain medication. The pain pill works to temporarily suppress the painful feelings (allowing one to better function, etc.), but it does nothing to address or fix the source of the pain.

kabbalah is the greatest deepest and the only understanding of the spiritual worlds.
I understand it and I love it!

this isn't even talking about meditation. relaxation is completely different.

I agree with everything he says, but his lack of understanding eastern terminology and methods is obvious. I feel that if you choose a path, and only follow that one path, and have an apparent bias leaning towards that path, than it's natural to have an ego built around tradition that makes one assume their path is the best. I doubt a born and raised hindu would understand kabbalah, so naturally a born and raised kabbalist is unlikely to understand hinduism

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