Sexual Secrets

Sexual desire is the most potent of all desires. It fuels the entire human experience: art, politics, literature, technology. Not surprisingly, pornography is one of the world’s biggest industries, and is constantly growing. What seemed to satisfy people a hundred years ago does not seem to satisfy people anymore. Dr. Michael Laitman relates the insatiable desire for pleasure with the growth and strengthening of the human ego, and explains why people search for pleasure and satisfaction. 



Really interesting, I will show it to my friends.

I like Rav comments! I share it with my friends.

I've experienced in my current life, two things: 1- Something way better than sex and 2- Something harder than death. The first, had repeated many times as a child. The second developed as a young woman, released from me and came back 16 years later. I have no words to describe the two except heaven and hell. Perhaps it's because I'm a woman, but orgasm is not a priority for me. I need something much higher.

Loving thoughts,


a powerful anecdote to overcome the ego...thanks

Loving thoughts accompany sex to be more pleasurable and create strong bong between the mates. Everbody gives priority to sex. this could be biological predisposition. In the moment of sexual intercourse, sex to me is like heaven and i dream that i am in different world. i am so curious to be with my friend all the time. This is the biological tendency that forces people or mate to be together and get satisfaction. it is sane to me. i praize God that creates sex.

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