Is There A Kabbalistic Conspiracy?


Again this is beautiful dialog. Thanks

I am curious as to the symbolic relationship between major 'catastrophes' like "911" and the destruction of the twin towers which easily could be related to the destruction of the pillars of Jachin and Boaz in light of all the evidence of foul play, government cover up (like omitting WTC tower 7 falling in the 911 commission report etc...) and alleged Israeli intelligence involvement. There are clearly a lot of major catastrophes that smell of secret society involvement because of the use of numerology in the dates etc...

I am deeply moved to study Kabbalah, and am very afraid of involving myself in any system that may be promoting the bringing about of events as above in order to usher in this 'new world'.....I understand the need to unite and the importance of this, but am not going to advocate things that are associated with the new world order like micro-chipping of people (which many free-mason websites promote?), mass murder, deception etc.... these traits are clearly not of bestowal.

I would love to gain some insight since there is a lot of pollution on the internet and I thirst for clarity before I can wholeheartedly pursue this study.

Is that it? I think he was cut off a bit too soon, how are you meant to correctly look at the book??

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