What Are ESP & Psychic Powers?

Is a person who can sense an approaching earthquake more spiritual? Can clairvoyance connect you to the Creator? Could intentional falsehood become a bridge to spiritual advancement? Dr Michael Laitman unveils the confusion between psychic phenomena and spirituality, explaining how we can find the connection between the spiritual and physical worlds, and reasons why we need a society of fellow humans to help each other evolve.


Beautiful. I am so glad this channel exists. Love it!

hi, this is a very good explanation..

its only seen as i lie because it goes against what we are told is true and we can't prove it but can only feel it ?

Wow! Now I understand more why in a group why you would sense rejection, hatred or rejection because it is how we would learn how to bestow. Bow!

Thank you BORE for giving us Bnei Baruch:)

I think that all this Kab TV is good because we can connectto our wonderful teacher who listens and gives considered comments appropriate to the occassion and it all makes sense.I have come across many people who say they are psychic etc and really believe they are very spiritual like say Sai Baba and lots of others yet many believe and are deluded in this.But also maybe it is a process and a deep urning to the desire for spirituality which is inside of us,every human has it and have not the tools or aware-ness to find it etc.

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