What Exactly Is Spirituality?

Spirituality… does anyone know what it is?

How can a person attain spirituality? What does it even mean to attain spirituality? People have piles of questions and are offered even more loads of answers, because everyone has their own definitions of spirituality. Yet, the demand for spiritual fulfillment has increased dramatically during the last 15 to 20 years. So how can a person attain something which he- or she is not even able to define, or even know where to look for the “right” answers? Dr. Michael Laitman explains why one cannot imagine what spirituality is, and what can be done to satisfy one’s spiritual yearnings. 



Sir, though i have been studying kabbalah on facebook lately with unorganized information. I read that to be spiritual you have to attain all 125 degrees of spirituality. my question is HOW DO U ATTAIN 125 DEGREES OF SPIRITUALITY AND IS IT SAME AS THE LAW OF EQUAVALENCE OF FORM.

Perhaps "spirituality" is an "essence" of G-D's own "Spirit" within us, waiting to be aroused when our conscious mind begins searching for answers of why we were born , & what is our purpose here on earth? Who then are we talking with when we ask these questions ? We have been imbued with the ability to reason & to know the difference between good & evil . This I believe is the "Spiritual Consciousness" that only a "Higher Power", an "Intelligent Design", has given us to direct our affairs here on earth . Although we have been given "Free Choice", of how we conduct & manage our lives, we have to remember that this is not a free ride & there are consequences , but prayerfully may they be good ones !

What say you ?


Jerald [from Montreal]

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