The Point

Am I Going To Die Like This?

As a nurse, Jean was accustomed to death but watching one man desperately and futilely cling to life brought him to the conviction that he would meet his end differently. He would not die having wasted his opportunity to discover life’s purpose; rather he would not rest until he found it. The simple step of questioning his beliefs began to change him, prompting him to seek answers from a mosaic of competing ideas. But every step forward revealed yet another level of dissatisfaction because each conquered concept disclosed it was based on imagination. There was a quality of connection missing that left him empty handed. A genuine spiritual system connects one to the source of life and Jean understood the key to connection is forged out of love. But it’s terribly difficult to love when something inside resists all but self-love. In Kabbalah, Jean discovered how to transcend this limitation and you will experience something of what he’s revealed simply by listening to him.


I met BB Kabbalah 3 years ago, watching Tony Kosinec's videos on Kab Revealed. Before that, my dissatisfaction with the ways of life, made me, in my search for a meaning, study all kinds of systems and religions that promised an explanation of why life is like this and what for? What or Who am I?
In this interview, Jean resumes in a few minutes all the main points in the wisdom of Kabbalah, when he talks about the love between friends, the connection that makes them one, sharing the path towards the Creator. This is a video that I'll be watching frequently, specially on the descents.
And in my dissemination tasks, I'll arrange for its dubbing in Portuguese and posting it in our Kabbalah site, hoping that others can be as touched as I was.

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