The Point

Behind The Scenery

Tamara had one of those perfect TV lives: young, beautiful, with two healthy children, a loving husband and a house in the burbs. The only thing missing was fulfillment because she had no idea why she existed. What’s behind the pretty scenery of her life? The questioning grew urgent with the arrival of her third child who turned out to be a surprisingly “big bundle.” Concluding a job change would provide greater control, Tamara was preparing to tell her boss of seven years she was quitting when he unexpectedly threw a Kabbalah Today newspaper on her desk. “You’re into soul searching and spiritual things,“ he said, “give this a try.” Cautiously, Tamara attended a lesson by Dr. Laitman who seemed to speak a foreign language until he described the source of suffering. Suddenly there was an explanation she could relate to. The insight changed everything in her life, from the way she wakes up in the morning to how she thinks about people. 



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