The Point

Better Than an Answer

Growing up in an environment of religiously fundamentalist beliefs, Montie’s precocious questions about the source of consciousness were dismissed. Thinking he could find the answers in knowledge, he retreated to his room to read encyclopedias while his friends played ball. A career as an army nurse brought renewed questions regarding the meaning of life as he reassured wounded soldiers it wasn’t pointless. But the point certainly wasn’t about living 70 years, acquiring some wealth and hoping to leave a good impression. Somewhere love and awareness are tied together, but where? Exhausting both science and religion in his now frantic search for answers, Montie turned to the Internet. Discovering Dr. Michael Laitman’s book Awakening to Kabbalah, he was transfixed with the blissful sensation of having found the truth. Everyone reaches a point in their existence where they must find answers, and Montie not only found answers, but more importantly he found a method.  



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