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Bible Stories Revealed

Riggan grew up in a politically and socially conservative environment that had been good and loving for her. Whether by nurture or nature, she’d field emotions by turning to her piano and expressing them through a heartfelt performance. She combined her love of dogs and desire to help humanity by participating in Washington State search-and-rescue missions. In this setting, Riggan experienced both the darkest and happiest moments of people’s lives. However her most cherished connection was the one between herself and her husband as together they sought answers to the meaning of life. A lecture mentioning “the Tree of Life” resonated with Riggan who began a diligent search for more on the topic. Landing upon the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah website, she enrolled in the introductory Kabbalah course and found answers to a lifetime of questions. The instructors cleared up puzzles like: how could a loving God ask Abraham to sacrifice his son? Riggan learned that bible stories express what’s happening inside a person – much like music can express emotions. Experienced within the context of the self, bible stories make perfect sense and reveal the purpose of life. 


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