The Point

A Cast of Billions

All the world’s a movie with a cast of billions acting out the feelings and qualities of you: the director.

With no driving ambitions as a child, Laurie watched the world around her bewildered as to her place and role. Why was she here? She felt like the world was happening in a movie and she was the director, but why? Do other people have the same movie?  It wasn’t a particularly pleasant movie filled with discordance and suffering. She was doing a poor job of directing. With little control over her own emotions and reactions, much less those of the whole cast, Laurie looked for answers in various religious philosophies.  Coming up empty handed she noticed things made sense in nature and became a beekeeper to get close to the land.  But the movie continued on in its disorganized fashion featuring a painful divorce. She bought a red string for protection and dabbled on in frustration until she found Bnei Baruch. In BB she discovered heart-to-heart connection and the rules for becoming a successful director.


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