The Point

Even Better Than Family

Seeking something inexplicable yet somehow related to the fulfillment of family, Jose’s life was a fretful search until he found connection in Kabbalah.

Raised in a large and loving family then suddenly torn away to a remote new home, Jose ached to restore a lost sense of belonging. His emptiness manifested in a wanderlust leading him to a military career. On duty in Kuwait, he awoke to a realization he’d taken an oath to kill in defense of the Constitution, but that wasn’t what he felt he was doing. He was prepared to kill, but why? What was the point of any of it? Returning to the States he compulsively read any book he could find on spirituality and by chance came across the term “Kabbalah.” The word imprinted on his being with the impact of a branding iron. It stayed vividly with him during a tour of duty in Korea. Still searching, he thought his dreams had come true when he left the military to train for a music career. Upon graduation, Jose was crushed to discover the return of the same old emptiness. Pushed by his misery to study Kabbalah, a new sense of belonging and connection opened to him. All things external became meaningful and Jose now revels in a completely new experience of friendship.


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