The Point

God Isn’t Exclusive

Sometimes the need to know God arises quietly and agreeably. That’s how it was for Tempe, who as a child would gaze at the stars and wonder “what it’s all about?” Sensing God inside, she refrained from challenging her Sunday school teachers choosing to keep her musings and questions to herself.  However becoming a mother and driven to “do parenting right,” Tempe decided it was time to focus on finding answers. The pain of divorce made the search more urgent so she delved deeply into her Christian roots. But the teaching that God is exclusive to Christians left her perplexed and upset. She would ponder, where is the spiritual source that unifies? When a friend handed her a little book of Kabbalistic intentions Tempe was finally gratified. She’d found a name for what she’d felt and a teaching that unifies. In Kabbalah, Tempe found everything she ever wanted.



What an outstanding production! Thank you!

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