The Point

Making Decisions Free Of Fear

How often have you hesitated to make a decision constricted by uncertainty? Bracha grew up in Germany surrounded by fear and the ruinous butchery that is the legacy of both World Wars. Her father captained the first Zeppelin and the air she breathed was thick with unspeakable horrors. “Why,” she asked, “why does it have to be this way? It’s all such a waste.” As an adult Bracha achieved riches and enjoyed a dream life only to be crushed again, this time through financial ruin. As is often the case, suffering compels the search for answers and many such seekers turn to the Internet. Bracha found a German web site whose publisher sent her an authentic Kabbalah text and as she read, she experienced pure light. After reading Kabbalah for Beginners Bracha sobbed with relief having discovered why there is suffering, and why there is happiness. The answers transformed her internally replacing darkness with joy and light. No longer oppressed, Bracha now formulates her decisions with certainty and confidence out of love and consideration for others.


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