The Point

A Safe Zone For Questions

The most powerful force shaping one’s personality may be that of a parent whose influence can both enable and disable. On one hand, Irene’s father taught her to buck the system and challenge the convention while on the other; he disappointed her by losing his courage at the point of death. Rather than confront his pending demise with rebellious valor, he conformed to the precepts of a religion assuring him of entrance to Heaven. The experience tore through Irene’s world like an earthquake, tearing up her foundations and exploding competing belief systems. Her father’s death pushed Irene into a mad dash for answers compelling her to quit her career and devote herself to the quest. Finally and desperately, Irene overcame her preconceptions of Kabbalah and typed the term into Google. Immediately directed to YouTube she sat for hours watching lessons that relieved her burden. She had found a safe zone for asking questions, where answers to one's questions are found within the person and teaches how to reveal them.


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