The Point

Substitute Connections Won't Do

As a child growing up in San Paolo, Brazil, Angelica contended with street violence by banding with her community to engage in productive pursuits. Gravitating toward physical well-being and embracing nature to bring balance into her life, she soon reveled in a unique sensitivity to these life forces. Along the way she learned to squelch her negative feelings and experiences by stuffing them into a metaphorical black bag where she could manage them as able. But she wasn’t able and no amount of physicality and communing with nature could resolve the sense of discord. At a critical point, she heard the words of her mentor on a deeper level and took the step of reading a genuine Kabbalistic text. Such books consistently transform people and for Angelica, the transformation brought a sense of comfort and healing. She discovered a profound level of connection to nature in which people are the conduit of continuity from this life to the next.


The video clip loads very slowly. It maybe due to my slow internet connection. But can the video be like YouTube where I can pause the video while it loads? or do I have to make do with this?

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