The Point

When the Ache Explodes

People reach the point of no return from a myriad of experiences and impulses. For Bill it was a hard look in the mirror at the ego that stared back.


Life sets people up for what’s to come, and for Bill it started with a mother who spent most of his childhood away at a mental institution. It was Hebrew school where he was regularly told to leave for asking the wrong questions. It was a father who told him the point of life was to become one with the Creator and unknowingly knowing what he meant. But for Bill, religion was “pay to pray” so what choices were left? Where does one find the Creator? Bill found momentary peace in various philosophies and practices, but the burning inner anger kept returning. Finally, it exploded on the job in the face of a confrontation Bill could have diffused or ignited. In spite of his best efforts to ignite it, the confrontation fizzled away and Bill was left to look in the mirror. The ego that stared back at him had to go. Totally defeated he dropped to his knees and raised a desperate plea. The Creator answered and within minutes Bill found himself back in his office surfing the web and clicking on Kabbalah.


Simply Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Le-Chaim to you my dear friend.
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
Love, osnat

LeChaim, Bill - extremely inspiring. Thank you for sharing the Light.

This story is so familiar, I guess we all have to go through the 'Ache Exploding' part in order to be on this other side... I love it here:)

Thanks for sharing, LeChaim...Arvut!!!

i too was always asking the teacher`s questions they couldnt answer and found no god in church ,until i started to look within and found that everything on the outside was a reflection of the inside.
i was knocking on the door in the dark thinking i was on the outside but when i found the light switch i found i was allready inside

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