Each path is as unique as the person who walks on it.

 Two stories illustrate this point: A woman ran away from home, lived a reckless life, and became a political activist later, but the question “Who am I?” was constantly on her mind. One day, she was given a free newspaper “Kabbalah Today”… A man, a gifted photographer, seemed to have tried everything – drugs, alcohol, sex – to understand himself and the purpose of his life. Feeling his life drifting away, he went searching until he found about Kabbalah.People walk different paths in life to get closer to answers for their existence and purpose in life. They have kept on asking questions in spite of apparent success, achievements and recognition, beyond the passion for their professions, interests and knowledge. But the answers they eventually found brought them only to the very beginning of a life-long journey….The Profiles series is a collection of personal stories aimed at exploring the lives of people who have been searching for both profound, meaningful and practical purpose in their lives. 


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