The Empowerment Of Knowing

The empowerment of knowing there is a continuous stream of happiness and pleasure provided by the spiritual world put everything in a great new perspective for Patrice.

Patrice reveals through her vivacious personal story how she discovered Kabbalah and how it has influenced her perception of life. In her search for answers to life’s questions, New York musician Patrice tells of her discovery and study of the wisdom of Kabbalah via the Internet. As she progressed through her studies, Patrice’s perspective changed from chasing a spiritual reward she thought was to be found at death to finding it while alive.



Fantastic! My experience is quite similar as yours. =)

Thanks for sharing my friend.

It is quite awesome to no longer be afraid of the dark.

a very inspiring story Patrice, i found myself captivated & drawn in as the story was being told... it is good to know that we are not alone in the search to find the point of connection between others...thanks

Love it! My experience resembles yours! :) As one man in one heart- all that's left for us to do is to unite all the points in the heart. ARVUT

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