Path Of An Artist

I would do anything to realize the goal of creation

“Nothing is the most important thing for me,” says Tim Knox, professional photographer and student of Kabbalah. “You walk in the situation and produce from this situation rather than from the ideas in your mind. You have to be responsive. You just feel towards something. But what you are feeling is really inside of you; it is not what exists outside of you.” What has brought this person to Kabbalah? What came first: his search for God or his gift of seeing and revealing the depth of human nature through photography? This profile provides a brief insight into the path of an artist, his perception of life, and his experience within a Kabbalah group.


touched my heart

Nothing is the most important thing. Very profound.
The search for something that should be that wasn't. Thanks for sharing your personal lessons Tim Knox. You are definitely not alone. Your story sounds like graceful falling waters to the ears.
Tasting the limitlessness of it, the incredible powerful wonderful relationship with the creator, strengthens the internal feeling of delight.

The Real Done Did It!

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