Unity Sessions

Brand New World - Music Video

Without being overpowering in his approach Michael Vermeylen (singer/songwriter for "Brand New World"), portrays his vision of a brand new world as if it were happening now. The simplicity of the song allows the listener to pay attention to the lyrics and be impressed by the message of unity and harmony among humanity. "We are rearranging, we are reawakening to a brand new world" - words of hope to a world whose time has come to reconnect and become one again.Performed by Michael Vermeylen & friends

(words and music by Michael Vermeylen)


Very nice! Altho I've never met any of you musicians, your messages are usually very welcome, "right on the money", inspiring, & make me feel more connected, especially with no Kabbalists/students out here, in the boondocks! I thank you, as well as The Creator, for your individual genius, & that you've connected with it, & are sharing!

Excellent!!!!! Really transforming and transfiguring also!

I Love this song. It is a great song, that I listen to when I am in decent. I thank you for the good feelings it brings.

To Life!!!!!

This is a wonderful song! When will a "Unity Sessions" cd be created? (Or has it already? lol)

Also, I was wondering: is this the person (Michael), who sings "One Man, One Heart"? Because I ADORE that song, and I can't figure out who sings it!

Thanks friends!
God bless you all!

And God bless the Rav & Bnei Baruch's students!!!


Love it beautiful song <3 UNITY ALWAYS <3

great song

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